The LNP has set two high-level objectives, consistent with its vision to determine the nature and trajectory of the LNP’s activities. These are:

  1. Conserve, enhance and expand Sussex’s Natural Capital
    Growth in Natural Capital is the fundamental pre-requisite for enhancing the services provided by ecosystems and so underpins the economic and social well-being of Sussex. The LNP will promote the greening of the economy including the need to invest in nature because of the many benefits and essential services it provides.
  2. Ensure that Sussex residents share in the benefits provided by healthy, well-functioning ecosystems
    The LNP will aim to improve the connection between people, their environment and the benefits they get form the environment. This will cover a broad spectrum of activities including health, well-being, social and economic areas.

In order to deliver growth in natural capital and share in the benefits of healthy ecosystems, the LNP will ensure that the evidence is collated to promote concepts, projects and initiatives that support the positive development of ecosystem services in Sussex. This will be shared across all sectors and audiences.