A Green Economy

A Green Economy – nature and people working together

Clean Growth Principles

In 2020 SxNP worked with partner LNPs across the South East to develop a set of principles for clean growth and green recovery:

  • Place making: a sustainable land use, spatial approach, embedding Nature Recovery Networks, creating resilient landscapes and ensuring the restoration of a healthy natural environment,
  • Health & wellbeing: developing cohesive, productive communities, residents and workforces supported by quality, accessible, well managed greenspace, actively reconnecting all age groups with nature,
  • Restoration economy: ensuring a zero carbon, nature based solutions approach delivering resilient businesses, jobs and sustainable environmental and economic outcomes
  • BuildBackBetter: ensuring opportunities for technology, innovation and creativity in driving a sustainable approach; the opportunity to ‘build back better’
  • Leadership: recognising the leading role the South East can play in the ‘knowledge economy’ around delivering zero carbon and nature based solutions.

These principles were shared with Local Enterprise Partnerships, top tier local authorities and MPs – alongside an offer from the nature partnerships to discuss opportunities to embed these principles within local economic recovery decision-making post-Covid.

View the letter to the LEPs here.

New partnerships

Sussex Nature Partnership has recently developed links with the University of Brighton’s Clean Growth Platform and is collaborating on common areas of work related to nature and a ‘net zero’ economy.

SxNP continues to seek ways to grow its network and influence in this ‘green economy’ theme.