Climate Change

Climate Change – nature’s role in mitigation and adaptation

Nature based Solutions (NbS)

The role of nature in storing and sequestering carbon is growing in profile.  Challenges remain in understanding both the science and the financial models for developing nature-based solutions that can help to tackle climate change. Sussex Nature Partnership is working to raise awareness of the potential of nature-based solution for carbon across Sussex and is collaborating with others to achieve progress in both science and practice.

SxNP has hosted two events on ‘habitats and carbon sequestration’:

SxNP Carbon Workshop (30.03.20)

SxNP Webinar on Nature-based solutions for carbon sequestration (25.01.21)

More information on these can be found here.

SELEP funded project on Accelerating Nature-Based Climate Solutions:

SxNP is a partner in a new project, hosted by ESCC and funded by the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, to accelerate the ‘supply and demand’ of nature-based solutions across the SELEP area (Kent, East Sussex, Essex).

This project is carrying out case studies with local authorities, landowners and businesses across the SELEP area to identify the interest in a local nature-based carbon offsetting offer and scope out the barriers that need to be overcome. It is also investigating the potential for a ‘brokerage hub’ that could bring buyers and sellers together. Lead consultant on the project is Kent Wildlife Trust.

Project Contact (via the Secretariat)

Project overview

Woodland Opportunity Mapping

In 2021 SxNP and Lewes DC hosted a GIS student Placement from the University of Brighton to develop a ‘woodland opportunity mapping’ approach for the district.

This was then expanded to create a similar map for the whole of Sussex and Souths National Park. Project funding for this larger project was provided by The Woodland Trust (SE) and SDNPA.

Woodland Opportunity Mapping for Lewes District: project report (2021)

Sussex and SDNPA Woodland Opportunity Mapping for Sussex and South Downs National Park: SxNP summary page and SDNPA host site