Biodiversity Net Gain – our responses to Defra

SxNP has spent a great deal of time in recent months engaging with a series of consultation documents from Defra on the topic of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). These included an initial broad consultation on the regulations and implementation of BNG (April 2022) followed by a consultation on the principles of Marine Net Gain (August 2022) and finally a technical consultation on the BNG Metric (September 2022). In each case, we held workshops on the consultation documents with our ‘Biodiversity Net Gain Working Group’ and followed this with consultation and discussion with all districts and boroughs in Sussex through our Local Authority Network forum. This forum provided excellent input from those within local government who will be charged with implementing BNG at the local level. This process, whilst quite technical at times, has started to help build greater understanding of BNG throughout the nature partnership and local government in Sussex. It has also enabled the partnership to provide detailed and considered feedback to those developing national policy and its implementation.

The SxNP responses to these consultation documents are now on this website. To view them, please follow the links below.

SxNP Response to Defra Consultation on Biodiversity Net Gain Regulations and Implementation (April 2022)

SxNP Response to Defra Consultation on Principles of Marine Net Gain (August 2022)

SxNP Response to Defra Technical Consultation on BNG Metric (September 2022)

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