Food Provision in Sussex

Food provision in Sussex is both extensive and diverse and a reflection of the wide variety of bedrock, soils, physical relief and climate across our county.

Agricultural production is a major industry in Sussex, from intensive greenhouse horticulture in the coastal plain to extensive grazing in the small fields of the High Weald.

The extent of different food production varies across the county and is largely governed by the underlying geology and climate. As such this dominant ecosystem service has played and continues to play a significant role in shaping our landscapes in Sussex.

Did you know?

Over 1 million chickens are farmed within the South Downs National Park!

Offshore, there is a high diversity of habitats which produce an exceptional range of fish species resulting in rich inshore fishing grounds.

Most commercial fishing boats operate year round within 6 nautical miles off the Sussex Coast. Most vessels are under 10 m long and land their catch on a daily basis to sell to local retailers or at fish markets for wholesale distribution. The stock varies seasonally and may include sole in spring and autumn, bass in summer and cod in winter. In addition, whelk, lobster, brown crab, oyster and cuttlefish are also fished using specialist potting or trawling methods.


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