A Carbon Workshop was planned for 30th March 2020, to be held at the Millennium Seed Bank Seminar Room at Wakehurst Place. The aim of the Workshop was to help raise the understanding of LNP members and key partner organisations on the role of natural habitats in the storage and sequestration of carbon, some of the challenges and drivers for tree planting and carbon offsetting, and what value the LNP could add to help move the agenda forwards. Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have therefore collated as many of the presentations as possible, and these are available below. With the exception of “The Role of Terrestrial Habitats in Carbon Storage and Sequestration in the UK”, which provides a literature review of our current understanding, the presentations include commentary from the speakers. The LNP is continuing to work towards developing a suitable metric for carbon locally and will make this information available as soon as we can.

The following presentations are available:

1. The role of trees, woodland and other terrestrial habitats in carbon storage – Julie Middleton, SxLNP & Dr Tony Whitbread, Sussex Wildlife Trust

2. The significance of soil in carbon storage – Dr Francesca Baylis

3. Marine vegetated ecosystems and their role in carbon storage – Dr Ian Hendy, Blue Marine Foundation

4. Carbon management in a water utility: Southern Water – Emma Bennett, SW

5. National strategic approach to tree planting – Crispin Scott, National Trust

6. Tree-planting and ‘natural carbon solutions’: strategic thinking and emerging principles across the UK – Julie Middleton, SxLNP