What do we want from The Sussex LNP?

At our October meeting the attendees told us what they did and didn’t want from a Sussex LNP. NB The paucity of comments on Health and wellbeing is indicative of the lack of representation that we currently have from that sector so far.

Here is a summary:

Do not want: Talking shop; Same old faces and talk; To re-invent the wheel

Do want: Clarity of purpose; Different, proactive, inclusive, dynamic; Breaking down barriers with other sectors; Enabling individuals and communities; Putting ecosystem services in the mainstream; Consolidating existing partnerships; Sharing resources, knowledge, energy

Planning: Changes to planning policies is a huge driver and the LNP has a clear role, including a requirement on LAs to involve LNPs in strategic planning; Link to county level GI strategies, e.g. East Sussex GI Strategy; Work with Government agencies towards environmental gains through infrastructure developments; Biodiversity offsetting – the LNP should have a key role; LNP support of planning needs to be strategic, offering guidance at a policy level to ensure environmental gains.

Environment and the Economy: We need viable urban and rural businesses, supporting sustainable diversification; Encourage sustainable entrepreneurialism within communities; Promote woodland based economy; LEPs cover areas outside the county boundary so need to work with other LNPs; Businesses could also offer a potential source of expertise and support; Society values, how we measure success / economic growth

Ecosystem Services Approach: Create a better understanding of ecosystem assets of Sussex; Carry out an ecosystem services analysis / audit as a framework for targeting change / progress / increased value; Potential to develop the BOA approach to identify ecosystem opportunity areas; Need to work beyond designated sites, protected landscapes and established boundaries to build resilience into the process; Putting ecosystem services in the mainstream.

Health and Wellbeing: Economy, health and sense of place are important for WSCC. ‘Work, live and play’.

The text from the feedback of this meeting was put into a word cloud. downloadable inaugural meeting word cloud

We look forward to the first Executive Group meeting later this week to take the Sussex LNP further into its development and to start developing outputs for the wider Forum of members.